Selecting your metal roof details and drainage accessories from EXCEPTIONAL Metals, a division of Duro-Last, is convenient and easy. Our broad product line, available in various metal finishes, offers plenty of aesthetic design options. EXCEPTIONAL Metals can even fabricate custom products to meet your needs. By using EXCEPTIONAL Metals details, every component of your roof is protected with a single comprehensive edge-to-edge warranty.


Duro-Last’s deck sheets are prefabricated in sections up to 2,500 square feet to fit every roof exactly to its specifications. Up to 85% of the field seams are completed under ideal factory-controlled conditions, eliminating waste, saving on labor, and preventing leaks.


Duro-Last’s breather vents help control negative air pressure and provide a means of escape for condensation that occurs in the roof assembly.


Duro-Last’s stacks are also custom prefabricated under ideal factory-controlled conditions, from 1˝ diameter to any required size. Factory prefabrication reduces field labor costs and leaks common to site-created flashings.


One-piece, custom prefabricated curb flashings are made to the exact size of the units on your roof. Other systems require hand cutting and the fitting of as many as eight pieces of material for each curb. The result – less labor and a more efficient installation.


Parapet and wall flashing details are prefabricated to fit these surfaces exactly, eliminating on-site labor and material waste. If required by the project, flashings can be made to completely wrap the parapet - providing waterproof protection against leaks related to aged wall surfaces.


Duro-Last’s 16 available warranties provide unparalleled security for virtually all commercial roofing applications. Our standard, comprehensive 15-Year No-Dollar Limit (NDL) Warranty is the best in the industry. It’s transferable, has no exclusions for ponding water, and provides coverage against consequential damages that result from material defects and the authorized contractor’s installation of Duro-Last products. We also offer 20-year warranties that include 15 years of consequential damage coverage, as well as warranties for installations in hail and/or high-wind areas.

Searching for a Reliable Contractor that Installs Duro-Last Roofing in the Central Texas Area?
Try Horizon Roofing Specialists

It’s hard to beat the combination of durability and affordability that Duro-Last® roofing provides, which is why Horizon Roofing Specialists is an Elite Status Contractor within the Central Texas area.. Providing our customers with the level of craftsmanship and service they deserve offering the quality standards thar Duro-Last expects from an Elite contractor to work with their industry leading product.

The Duro-Last Industry Standards

Duro-Last® Roofing Systems: Edge-to-Edge & Deck-to-Sky™. Known as the “World’s Best Roof®”, Duro-Last, Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of custom-fabricated, thermoplastic single-ply PVC roofing systems. Duro-Last’s Polyvinyl Chloride, also known as “PVC” has been around since 1978 with billions of square feet installed.

At Horizon Roofing Specialists, we believe that it shouldn’t be hard to purchase a new complete roof system. Duro-Last makes it easy by offering all the needed pieces, parts, and accessories from a single source, with a single-source warranty. No need to figure out which manufacturer supplied which part on your next roofing project or roofing restoration. Some of the benefits of using a Duro-Last Elite Contractor:

"We Rize To Serve" Really Shines Through In Our Commitment

Duro-Last has created a unique three level program to reward authorized contractors who have a strong record of Duro-Last sales and consistently install this proven roofing system with exceptional attention to quality. Horizon Roofing Specialists has reached the Elite Contractor Level for the Duro-Last family of products through our highest level of attention to customer’s needs and detail to any roofing restoration project.

Some of the strict requirements that are needed in order to achive this honored contractor status are:

Here Is What Makes Duro-Last Single-Ply Roof System So Special

Our Duro-Last Commitment Is as Big as the State of Texas

Horizon Rofoing Specialist is a licensed contractor to handle commercial roofing restoration projects all of the great state of Texas, but our main focus is currently between the San Antonio and Dallas corridor. Our roots are in New Braunfels, located in Hays County, and we have been providing reliable commercial roofing services in the Central Texas area for over 25 years. We are continually growing and expanding our service area, so any commercial roofing restoration project is never out of reach for our elite, quality services. Below is a current list of areas that we serve.

Duro-last Commercial Roofing Restoration Options

Single-Ply Membrane

Duro-Last, Inc,. offers over three decades of proven PVC roof system performance with billions of square feet of membrane installed across North America. Duro-Last has been successful since the beginning by providing our customers with unmatched service and expertise in the roofing industry.

Metal Retrofit

Duro-Last Metal Retrofit is the solution! Avoid replacing your metal roofing by covering the roof with PVC single-ply membrane. While metal roofs can offer lower initial installation costs and protection against fire, installing a Duro-Last single-ply membrane over your metal roof means your bottom line is less impacted.

Coatings & Insulation

With constant exposure to heat, cold, UV radiation, rain, snow, hail and high winds, a roof can be the most vulnerable component of a building’s exterior. However, a roof’s long-term performance can be enhanced – and major roofing problems avoided with correct design, quality materials, proper installation and workmanship, with comprehensive care.

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Our experienced team of estimators are always ready to help out with an on-site consultation.  We will answer any questions about your next roofing project and develop a strategic scope of work to get you over the finish line.

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Our experienced team of estimators are always ready to help out with an on-site consultation.  We will answer any questions about your next roofing project and develop a strategic scope of work to get you over the finish line.

What Else Can We Do For You?

Horizon Roofing Specialists is proud to serve the New Braunfels and Central Texas area. Our employees are professionals, and we expect to treat every customer like family. It is a privilege to earn the right to work on your property, and we will act accordingly. Each project is supervised by our experienced project managers with over 25 years of roofing experience to ensure we provide the products and services you expect.

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