Residential Roofing

Our Team Works Hard to Make Sure We’re the Best Choice for Residential Roofing

At Horizon Roofing, we are known for our attention to detail as well as some of the best customer service in the Industry. With over 20 years in the business, we are a licensed and certified contractor offering the highest quality work for roof repair, replacement, and restoration. No matter your budget, you can count on getting value for your dollar. We work with top manufacturers like Certainteed, Atlas, GAF and Berridge. Every aspect of your project will be designed and installed correctly including the parts you can’t easily see – like the wooden decking, water-tight underlayment, flashing and ventilation system.

Residential Roof Replacement

Residential roof replacement is a big decision that needs an expert hand.
Would repairs alone have been enough?
Should you use the same material or is it worth upgrading?
We will help you answer those questions and more when you call us about replacing your residential roof with metal, shingles or tile varieties.
Eventually, any building material will show signs of age. On your shingle roof, it might start out with curled or buckled edges. If you have a metal roof, you might hear rattling in a wind gust, or begin seeing leaks. Tiles may crack or loosen. Repairs only go so far, especially if your roof has not been regularly inspected over the years. Let us give you the roof your home deserves.
Leaks are a sign your system is not working properly, and they always get worse over time. Once rainwater finds a path in, it will find it again. Your sheathing and framing could rot. Your insulation could become waterlogged. Dangerous mold could develop. If you’ve let it go too long, you may need your roof replaced.
In many cases, you can change out one residential roof type for another. We can, for example, upgrade your basic three-tab shingles to a designer type with a lifetime warranty. If you love the look of ribbed metal, you’ll be glad to know that this lightweight material can easily replace shingles. Tile is a very heavy material and not suitable for some foundations; but some can be reinforced to handle the added weight.

Whatever you decide, our skilled craftsmen will be there for you and your home’s unique needs. We are also highly experienced at working with insurance companies, and have been for more than two decades.